Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a Dangerous Disease that has threatened and takes the lives of both men and women. So it is a priority to locate or treat this cancer as soon as possible. Knowing what your breast normally looks and feels is essential to taking car of it and avoiding possible illnesses just like this. The following are other tips on how to spot if you or someone you know has breast cancer and exploring more about the facts behind breast cancer.

New Lump or Mass that has irregular edges is highly a sign of Breast Cancer. Nipple Discharge can also be a sign of Breast Cancer but less likely to be one. The liquid coming out of your breast is a normal reaction when the breast is squeezed. The next is scaliness, redness, and thickening of the nipple or breast skin that causes an itch. People with breast cancer experience a retraction of the nipple inwards as well as nipple or breast pain.

Now Being aware of this symptoms is a great way to beat breast cancer at its early stage, nevertheless, prevention is the best cure so to reduce the possibility of you acquiring the disease you need to know the risk factors.

Your Age adds to the possibility of you getting breast cancer and also your gender, men are less likely to have breast cancer than women. Family History can also be a risk factor. People say that having no children is the best life ever but now a study shows that women who don’t have children after the age of 35 have a high risk of acquiring cancer. Now Exercising is different, it can help you reduce the possibility of this disease, the constant physical activity can really help you avoid diseases and improve your health. And Lastly, is exposing yourself to radiation, physical treatments or checkups that use radiation increases the likelihood of having breast cancer.

I hope the information here can help you and others understand how to prevent or avoid this painful diseases that threaten the lives of many people today.

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