I am watching American Horror Story

I am currently looking up at my TV, watching American Horror Story.  I’ve never seen such a scary thing on television.  I thought it would basically be PG-13 but this should definitely be rated R.

My mood definitely changes when autumn approaches.  I get a bit of a cozier feeling.  The nights get darker earlier.  I actually get a bit more productive.  Its fun to put a TV show on in the background. Sometimes its storming out. Its a good time to be alive.

I am worried about not having kids.  I am getting older. I am 35 now and I am not sure when I will meet the right person to have some children with.  Life is going by fast.

Jessica Lange is in this. She is my friends, Aunt. A bartender, from college.  The smiley guy who would always welcome everyone into the bar.  Confident for his age. Women were drawn to him.  I saw him, years later. He had gotten fatter.  But he was still real. Still honest.  Still smiling.  Sometimes I just want to take a day off of with a doctor’s note.